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41800 Instagram Followers 4 Campaigns executed

Ebuka Akara


20100 Instagram Followers 2 Campaigns executed

Moji Delano


11000 Instagram Followers 0 Campaigns executed


Demola Expoze

57000 Instagram Followers 5 Campaigns executed


We classify an Influencer as someone with 2,000+ genuine followers on just one of our three partner platforms: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Even though we currently focus on Instagram Influencers. In time you'll be able to connect more social platforms into Ogaviral.
Ogaviral is open to all brands and those that represent them, including Individuals,Churches, Startups, Musicians, PR, Media, Advertising or Creative Agencies. Some brands will naturally attract more proposals from Influencers than others.
Our aim is to connect brands with influencers. While brands can post requests to work with influencers and pay them cash or give them free products in exchange for their post it is left for the influencers to decide how they intend working with brands. For brands that giving away products please signup using our product giveaway plan, then click on Create Campaign, explain what you need done, what you are willing to give to influencers and those interested will send you a proposal.
It's important for a brand to look through the engagement of Influencers who make offers. Accounts with fake followers are easy to determine from almost no interaction, or social profiles filled with spam. If we identify an Influencer with fake followers, we'll remove them from our platform.
Finding influencers that suits your brand is super simple. As a brand all you need do is create a New Campaign once you are Logged in. Fill in a brief intro about your brand, kind of campaign you intend running and Influencers you want()
While we are a flexible platform that allows all influencers set their own price. We do encourage Influencers on the platoform to send proposals with resonable prices. First, you must consider not just the number of followers you have but the engagements and actual influence your posting a particular product would have on them.
Yes. Like any marketplace, this will happen. But only accept if you feel comfortable..

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